Advanced Education for Real Estate Industry

The Value of Continuing Education

In this time of social media and digital communications, online networking and self-promotion have become a necessity in order to stay in touch and be successful in your career. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, and access to social media outlets have made it progressively more difficult for you to distinguish yourself, rise above the crowd and influence those who may be looking at hiring you. So, how do you set yourself apart and achieve your next desired career?

As any struggling hockey player might tell you, sometimes the path to greatness is through focusing on the fundamentals. In the case of business and career goals, those fundamentals include education.

Similar to how networking and promotion have changed through use of social media, education has also been deeply impacted by advancing technology. By creating more access points, professionals have gained the flexibility to work around their increasingly busy schedules. Online study and EMBA programs, as well as distance learning are all industry norms through most educational organizations today.

As a faculty member for the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) I find it satisfying to be a part of an organization that is leading, not only in the availability of courses, but also in covering a wide variety of real estate related interests and specialties. REIC members are found Canada-wide, and work in every sector of the industry. We share the organization’s goal of advancing professionalism in real estate, and the value of high ethical business standards.

We need to end the cliché of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This proverb expresses very linear thinking, that our knowledge and our skills are less useful than our network of personal contacts. I believe it needs to be discarded and replaced with a more three dimensional model: a healthy combination of EducationExperience and Networking.

If you master these three dimensions, and sprinkle it with empathy, an open mind, and willingness to debate, your success is guaranteed.

You can look up REIC courses online or, if you are old school, give them a call at 416.695.9000 (toll free: 1.800.542.7342)

Written by Scott Fischer, CRP

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