Advanced Education for Real Estate Industry


FRI - Fellow of the Real Estate Institute

The FRI designation elevates your status as a real estate practitioner who has acquired advanced skills and knowledge, and met nationally-recognized business and ethical standards. The FRI designation is acknowledged by the real estate community as a standard of excellence and accomplishment.

The FRI curriculum enhances your knowledge and skills in legal and regulatory issues, advanced negotiation techniques, and professional ethics with real world applications.

Earn the FRI Designation

To obtain the FRI designation you must:

  • Submit an application to become a Candidate Member
  • Complete all education and experience requirements
  • Adhere to REIC’s Code of Professional Ethics
  • Maintain your membership with REIC

You must hold a valid real estate license and be actively involved in real estate sales at the time of your application to become an FRI Candidate.

Apply today!

Becoming a REIC Candidate Member is your first step towards achieving an REIC designation.

  • Download the candidacy application form, and complete the package.
  • Sign and date the application form indicating your acceptance of the Rules & Regulations.
  • Attach current resume and any appropriate real estate education transcripts.
  • Include 3 letters of recommendation (from employer, colleagues or associates).
  • Include a non-refundable processing fee of $285.00 plus GST/HST. Credit Card, cheque or online payments (via your bank or REIC website) are accepted.

Refer to the application form for full requirement details.

Complete the following courses: REIC2600 – Ethics in Business Practice REIC2270 – Consumer Behaviour & Negotiating* REIC2360 – The Leasing Process or REIC2280 – Legal Issues in Real Estate The courses listed are the maximum number of courses you may have to take. The courses listed may be taken in any order. There is no exam for this designation. Other education requirements**
  • 2 University/College Electives
  • Real Estate Law or Business Law
Equivalencies may be granted for courses taken through provincial real estate associations, universities or colleges. **Note: Course requirements for the FRI designation are subject to provincial legislation. Contact the Admissions Department for specific requirements for your province or for an individual assessment. Refer to the application form for full requirement details.

There is no experience requirement to become a Candidate Member.

To complete the FRI program and obtain the designation, you will need to have your real estate license for a minimum of five (5) years.

Other Requirements

  • Pledge to uphold the REIC Code of Professional Standards
  • Be current with your annual national and your chapter dues (if applicable) to maintain your hard earned designation!
  • Complete the peer interview requirement.

Refer to the application form for full requirement details.

How do I become a FRI candidate?

Becoming an FRI candidate is simple. Submit your application, any relevant documents and non-refundable processing fee of $285.00 plus GST/HST and you are on your way!

Who can provide a letter of recommendation and what process should be followed?

Two of the recommendations must be from the following: current or former employers, current or former clients, or REIC members. The remaining one should be from someone who can attest to your integrity and business reputation. A blank letter of recommendation is included in the Application package.

Do I need to be a candidate to take the FRI courses at REIC?

No, it is not necessary to be a candidate; however, you will be charged the non-candidate rate for courses, events and products. By becoming a candidate you may save over $800.00 just on your course registrations alone!

How much does it cost?

By becoming a candidate, your costs will be significantly lower. A candidate is required to pay dues, both at the national and chapter level. As chapter dues are set by each chapter, overall costs will vary depending on location. The approximate candidate costs (without tax) are:

  • $285.00 processing fee for application
  • $500.00 average for annual dues
  • $1,820.00 for the education component (depending upon your province)

Do I need a license?

Yes, you must hold a valid real estate license and be active in the practice of real estate.

How much experience is required to apply?

As of January 1st, 2014, no experience is required to become a candidate. You will still be required to hold a valid real estate license and be practicing in order to apply. To attain the designation, you will need to have at least five years of real estate sales or marketing experience as a licensed practitioner.

I paid my processing fee, what comes next?

Once your application is received, the Membership & Admissions Office will review the information. If approved, you will receive a your pro-rated dues invoice that must be paid before becoming a candidate. Once your dues have been received, you will become a candidate member. A welcome package will be sent to you within 5 business days. This allows you access to your local Chapter as well as discounts on REIC Courses.

What does “member in good standing” mean?

A member in good standing means that you have paid your annual dues by required date. This is necessary for both candidates and members. As per the Rules and Regulations you have agreed to:

“pay annual dues and fees as set by the Institute, each and every year in order to maintain my membership and keep my designation”

How many courses do I need to take?

This will depend on your previous education. There are three (3) REIC courses which make up the educational component of the program. Please note that 2 University/College Electives, Real Estate Law or Business Law are also required and are not offered through REIC.

  • 2 University/College Electives:
    Contact the Admissions department for a list of approved courses. Any REIC designation course may qualify toward fulfilling this requirement.
  • Real Estate Law: Approved courses available through Provincial Real Estate Associations, universities, colleges or the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s Course.

How long does the education take?

You set the pace for your education. Courses are available in classroom format and some may be available by home study. If all courses are taken in the classroom, it will take 10-13 days. This is subject to availability. Once you are a candidate, the Education Department can suggest some available options.

When can I use my designation?

As a candidate, you have not been granted the use of the designation and therefore cannot say that you hold one. You may however, say that you are working towards or are a candidate for the designation.

As per the Rules and Regulations you have agreed to:
“Not hold myself out to anyone as being a professionally qualified member or candidate of the Institute until such time as I have become an approved designated member of the Institute”.

Unauthorized use of a designation is prohibited and may result in member termination. By paying your annual dues by the due date, you will receive a candidate logo that you can attach to your print or online material. You will receive regular updates from the admissions department regarding your progress. Once you have successfully completed the program, you are eligible to become a member of REIC and you will receive your designation certificate and pin.

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