C-RETS - Certified Real Estate Team Specialist Courses

Please note: The C-RETS certification is NOT granted by REIC. REIC only offers C-RETS courses. For more information, visit the REBI website.

Improve team development, individual leadership skills, and financial
performance with the C-RETS certification. Designed for team leaders, brokers or managers with teams in the office, or professionals who wish to sharpen their leadership skills.

Course Curriculum​

The C-RETS curriculum integrates ready-to-implement strategies and solutions and provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training, and resources to build, lead and manage a high performance team.

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Designation Quick Facts

  • The C-RETS certification is offered by REBI, not REIC
  • The C-RETS certification also qualifies you for the CRB designation.
  • There is a one time credentialing fee of $159 (U.S.).
  • There are no recurring dues for this credential.

For full credential requirements and information, visit the REBI website.