Bachelor of Commerce, with a Minor in Property Management

Thanks to a $1M donation by W. Dean Weidner of Weidner Investment Services, Inc. to MacEwan University in Edmonton, we will soon see students graduate from university with a full education in business and property management. 
The Introduction to Property Management course had been completely re-written and is available as an evening course to the public commencing January 2018, and five more courses which dive deeper in to the property management industry are scheduled for launch in the Fall of 2018. 

Can you imagine?  Property management firms will have the ability to hire individuals with education in our industry, rather than having to spend those first few years coaching and training novices ‘on the job’ at the cost other staffs’ productive time.  The learning curve will be lowered dramatically, and the new employee’s productivity will be up to speed once they learn the company’s management style.  It is our vision that late in the four-year BComm program, we will be able to partner with property management firms in order to provide co-op opportunities where the students will be able to work for a few months in the industry prior to graduation.  This will provide them with not only the education, but hands-on experience as well. 

Young professionals will now have an opportunity to choose property management as a career, and have an educational pathway to become qualified and successful.  The average age of property managers in Canada ranging between 52 and 57, depending on the survey, creating a large demand for trained talent to be in line for succession.  As new industry professionals graduate from MacEwan University, the desperate shortage of skilled industry professionals will be alleviated.  The opportunity being created cannot be over-stated.

The five additional courses available for the Minor are:

  • Property Operations for the Property Manager
  • Real Estate Law
  • Workforce & Tenant Management in Property Management
  • Marketing & Leasing Investment Properties
  • Budgeting & Finance in Property Management

The Introduction to Property Management as well as the subsequent courses focus on both Residential and Commercial (Office, Retail, Industrial) management. 

If you or your staff are ready to start your training in January, be sure to register for the PMGT301 Introduction to Property Management at MacEwan University now!

Written by Chrystal Skead, CPM® ARM®

Chrystal Skead, CPM, ARM, is the 2019-2021 vice president IREM Canada. Skead has been active in the property management industry for over 30 years, and has been a member of REIC (Real Estate Institute of Canada) and IREM since 1990. She has served as president for both the REIC Edmonton and Calgary chapters, the national and international boards of directors,and she was REIC National President in 2011/12.

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