Advanced Education for Real Estate Industry



The CPM is an elite, globally-recognized property management designation. Originating from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), the CPM demonstrates a mastery of the analytical and leadership skills needed to enhance the short and long-term values of large real estate portfolios, including residential, commercial, condominium, industrial, institutional and mixed-use.

Amplify your personal brand with a declaration that you’re on the short list of reliable, committed authorities leading the way forward for real estate management.

The CPM curriculum covers how to analyze a property’s physical and fiscal performance, implement policies and procedures to enhance short and long-term property values, and how to market, retain and improve tenant, resident and employee relations.

CPM Compensation Profile

Do professionals with a CPM designation earn a higher compensation package? Yes, they do! See just how much in the IREM Profile and Compensation Study.

You’ll find detailed analysis of the characteristics of our members and their companies, and see how a number of variables affect salary levels and the total compensation packages.

REIC Members can now order rebranded CPM designation pins.

Earn the CPM Designation

CPM Fast Track Options
Applicants may be exempt from certain CPM education requirements if one of the following apply:

Other Designations Fast Track
You hold a CCIM, CFM, CSM, PCAM, or RPA designation

Real Estate Degree Fast Track
You have an undergraduate or graduate degree (e.g. major, minor, or concentration) in real estate or property management

Professional Experience Fast Track
You have 20 years of qualifying professional experience (as verified via experience reports and approved by an REIC Chapter)

If you qualify for any of the above options, please submit the Fast Track Application form along with the CPM application.

Fast Track Application Form

(you must also submit the CPM application form to be considered)

Becoming a Candidate member with REIC is your first step towards achieving an REIC designation:

  • Download the candidacy application form, and complete the package.
  • Sign and date application form indicating your acceptance of the Rules & Regulations.
  • Complete and have your current employer sign the Experience Update Form. (Note: this can be submitted at a later date when ready to apply for designation.)
  • Attach current resume and any real estate education transcripts.
  • Include 3 letters of recommendation (from employer, colleagues or associates).
  • Include a non-refundable processing fee of $405.00 plus GST/HST.

To obtain the CPM® designation a minimum of three (3) years of qualifying experience, meeting minimum criteria must be met in order for the candidate to qualify for membership. The CPM® experience criteria are based on the following:

A) The Functions Test
Activities performed by real estate managers are defined according to 36 functions (see Part 2 of Experience Update Form). You must perform 19 of the 36 functions in order to pass the functions test.

B) The Minimum Portfolio Test
To qualify for the experience credit, you must manage a minimum portfolio, which may vary with the number of sites you manage. You can manage any combination of property types listed here, as long as your combined portfolio meets the minimum requirement.

Other Requirements

  • Pledge to uphold the REIC Code of Professional Standards and the IREM Code of Professional Ethics
  • Be current with your annual REIC, IREM and chapter dues.
  • Complete the peer interview requirement.
  • Fulfill the one year Candidacy period by being a Candidate Member in good standing for 1 year* prior to CPM approval.

*1 year is waived if applicant already holds an REIC, ARM® or ACoM Designation.

How do I become a CPM candidate?

Becoming an CPM candidate is simple. Submit your application, any relevant documents and non-refundable processing fee of $405.00 plus GST/HST and you are on your way! Please see page 3 of the application form for a detailed checklist.

Who can provide a letter of recommendation and what process should be followed?

Two of the recommendations must be from the following: current or former employers, current or former clients, or REIC members. The remaining one should be from someone who can attest to your integrity and business reputation. A blank letter of recommendation is included in the Application package.

I paid my processing fee, what comes next?

Once your application is received with the payment, you will be approved as a candidate member of REIC. This allows you access to your local Chapter as well as discounts on REIC Courses. You will be issued an invoice for your dues – these dues are payable immediately in order to remain in “good standing.”

What does “member in good standing” mean?

A member in good standing means that you have paid your annual dues by required date. This is necessary for both candidates and members. As per the Rules and Regulations you have agreed to:
“pay annual dues and fees as set by the Institute, each and every year in order to maintain my membership and keep my designation”

When can I use my designation?

As a candidate, you have not been granted the use of the designation and therefore cannot say that you hold one. You may however, say that you are working towards or are a candidate for the designation.

As per the Rules and Regulations you have agreed to:
“Not hold myself out to anyone as being a professionally qualified member or candidate of the Institute until such time as I have become an approved designated member of the Institute”.

Unauthorized use of a designation is prohibited and may result in member termination. By paying your annual dues by the due date, you will receive a candidate logo that you can attach to your print or online material. You will receive regular updates from the admissions department regarding your progress. Once you have successfully completed the program, you are eligible to become a member of REIC and you will receive your designation certificate and pin.

In addition, you must fulfill the one year Candidacy period by being a Candidate Member in good standing for 1 year* prior to CPM approval.

*1 year is waived if applicant already holds an REIC, ARM® or ACoM Designation.

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